Set Goal Packages

In life, we all want to be well and look well; whether today, tomorrow or in the future.
These packages address your specific aims to achieve your set goals.
How you can be lighter and get into the best shape, how your immune system can be strengthened and protect you,
also, how you can keep youthful by improving your healthy ageing process.
If you know what your specific goal is – what you want to achieve- package descriptions are below,
find the best match for your goal.

Stay Younger

Does getting older bother you because you worry about your appearance, mobility and failing health? Today is the day to invest in good aging and a healthy wellbeing tomorrow.


Environmental factors, such as sun light, toxins, consuming excessive sugar, stress and our lifestyles have a major impact on the aging process. These are changing the structure and function of molecules and our body cells. Getting old is inevitable however, controlling the speed of aging is in our hands; you have the power and courage to make changes.


I am here as your guide to lead you in a plan where you can experience a slowing of the aging process through awareness of your body, healthy eating and lifestyle changes.


During the twelve months of this programme, together we will focus on healing your gut function, adrenal and hormonal function and your energy powerhouse -mitochondria, all at a cellular level. This may not only improve your physical appearance but more importantly the way your body performs internally.


This package brings opportunity into your era to be the best version of you, and to shine, whatever your age.

This programme is focuses in monthly stages on the following areas

  • Gut Health Imbalances in the gut microbiome often accompany age-related diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The microbiome undergoes age-related changes in later life, generally declining in diversity and becoming increasingly unstable (dysbiosis). Endotoxin levels in our gut can further exacerbate the aging process. For these reasons, this programme will balance microbiome diversity and health, which will also help remove toxins from our gut.
  • Mitochondrial Health Organelles called mitochondria in our cells play an important role in programmed cell death, which is crucial to our aging process. If the mitochondrial function declines, then cells and later on whole organs deteriorate too. Therefore, in this programme we focus on the key elements, such as vital nutrients and lifestyle factors that support and stimulate healthy mitochondria.
  • Reducing oxidative stress Over time, the effect of sunlight (UVR), pollution, smoking or poor diet can increase the free radicals, Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) in our bodies which are prooxidant and harmful to our bodies. Imbalanced prooxidant and antioxidant levels are called oxidative stress, which has very significant role on our aging process. In this programme we will check your free radicals, using strategies to help you avoid them and how to heal this process, restoring the balance by introducing different antioxidants into your diet.
  • Detoxification Detoxification enzymes impact the phases are important to complete the process.

This is teamwork, and it requires full commitment and dedication. After completing this programme, you will be more aware of the importance of the mitochondria as the energy provider for your body and its link to the ageing process.


At the beginning this programme requires minimum of 4 functional laboratory tests: stool test, Dutch test for hormones, adrenal test, organic acid test. In the final three months these tests must be repeated. If it is needed genetic testing might be included. The functional laboratory test fees are not included in the package cost.

Stay Younger

This package focuses on the gut healing, adrenal -hormonal health, and mitochondria which is the powerhouse for our body’s cells. It also aids the ageing process; in that it slows the ageing of our cells. It can be impaired by toxins and so this programme includes a detox element to restore normal mitochondria function.

Completed In12 MonthsFor further information on any aspect of this package book your free 15 minutes discovery call.
What This Package Will Cover

56 live online consultations during a year; see details below


  • First month we start with elimination diet to understand food connection with your body and symptoms
  • After receiving your test result, we start an actual gut healing programme to balance your microbiome
  • Third month needs to be further healing and might take an extra month


  • We will focus on adrenal health and hormonal imbalances
  • Mitochondrial support


  • Liver detoxification (phase1-2-3)
  • Mitochondrial support


  • Functional Lab retest for progress comparison
  • Preparing you to maintain the new you
  • Focusing on second adrenal support and mitochondrial health


Every months aim and actions are different, the foods will vary according to the months goal. I will guide through the process.

  • From the beginning of the third month, there are 36 live follow up consultations. These consultations are 30 mins each spread 9 months (once per week).
  • A once a week 10-minute call after your follow up consultation for support and to check your progress.
  • WhatsApp message at certain times and days are available
  • Explanation handouts and lab test result.
  • Revision of personalised detailed nutrition and lifestyle programme after each consultation.
  • Personalised professional supplement plan reviewed monthly (10% supplement discount)
  • Explanation handout for the Awareness of longevity
  • List of foods that support this programme
  • Weekly recipes that support the programme and shopping list for ingredients
  • If necessary, contact with your GP or other practitioners
  • Detailed IFM tool kits

How it works

As all consultations are via zoom you can access me no matter where you are

Once you have decided to go ahead and committed to nutritional therapy you will be sent an in-depth health questionnaire and a 5-day food diary.


This needs to be filled in and returned 3 days before the initial consultation. This gives me enough research time to understand the possible root causes of your symptoms and prepare for the first consultation.

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is our long appointment and will take approximately 75-90 minutes. This will give us enough time to further understand your health issues and implement changes to your lifestyle, dietary habits, sleep routines and activity levels.

We are all biochemically unique therefore to help in achieving your goals, we may discuss any functional test related to your body imbalances and symptoms.
Follow up Consultation
Whichever package you choose the first follow up appointment date will be decided at the end of the initial consultation; this follow-up consultation will last about 30-45 minutes. During this time, we will review your goals, test results (if applicable) and if your health optimisation plan needs to be tailored more specifically to your needs.
Food is medicine and food comes first in my approach however, if any supplementation is needed, I will recommend it.
There are two forms of testing that we can use. One is NHS testing which is basic and limited to a specific area of health. However, functional laboratories testing is more comprehensive and considers the whole health profile. These are long established laboratories which are based in the UK or USA, and use cutting edge testing to determine, digestive nutritional deficiencies, gut pathogens, mitochondrial cell damages, your body’s oxidative stress, toxicity level, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances or epigenetic factors.

The functional laboratory tests that I can order are a combination of stool, urine, saliva and sometimes blood. Labs which utilize the first three, test samples can be easily done at home and simply need to be dropped off at UPS or Royal Mail. For labs that require a blood sample there is a centre in Central London which can be attended. For those living outside London other centres are available and I can provide a location on request; all centres make a charge for this service, and it varies from centre to centre.

Note: The costs of these laboratory tests and supplement purchases are not included in package prices.

Set Goal Packages

Get Lighter
Get Lighter
Be stronger
Be stronger