General Packages

These packages are designed for anyone who has general health concerns, large or small, and will allow them to discover the main root causes of their symptoms. Packages vary in the depth of investigation, degree of therapy and support required.

Deep-Dive Package

This package is for people who have long standing health problems that will take longer to address and that will require some deeper investigation.
This package allows you the flexibility to adapt your goals in alignment with improvements in your health and wellbeing

Completed In3 MonthsFor further information on any aspect of this package and cost please book your free 15 minutes introduction call.

What This Package Will Cover

The functional medicine analysis will require a considerable amount of research time, the minimum 24 hours and will look at your personal health history from your birth to the present day and important life events.

  • 7 hours live online consultations, see details below Initial consultation via zoom (it can take to up to 90 minutes).
  • 7 Follow up consultations to discuss your progress and if applicable any laboratory test results via zoom call (It can take up to 30 min each) (Each follow up consultations and test results will require a degree of research time a minimum 16 hours in order to link your symptoms to a cause).
  • After each follow up, changes to the programme as necessary with supporting documents.
  • 8 catch up Q&A calls via phone (it can take 15mins each).
  • Personalised detailed nutrition and lifestyle programme.
  • Personalised professional supplement plan (10% supplement discount).
  • WhatsApp general support during the weekdays between appointments if clarity is required.
  • Three times weekly email support for encouragement, comfort, and ease with the programme.
  • 30 selections of my created recipes tailored to your induvial programme.
  • If needed, organising laboratory tests with the labs.
  • Explanation handouts for lab test result (If applicable).
  • Contact with your GP for any NHS testing where required also contact with other practitioners if necessary.
  • Detailed IFM tool kit

How it works

As all consultations are via zoom you can access me no matter where you are

Once you have decided to go ahead and committed to nutritional therapy you will be sent an in-depth health questionnaire and a 5-day food diary.


This needs to be filled in and returned 3 days before the initial consultation. This gives me enough research time to understand the possible root causes of your symptoms and prepare for the first consultation.

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is our long appointment and will take approximately 75-90 minutes. This will give us enough time to further understand your health issues and implement changes to your lifestyle, dietary habits, sleep routines and activity levels.

We are all biochemically unique therefore to help in achieving your goals, we may discuss any functional test related to your body imbalances and symptoms.
Follow up Consultation
Whichever package you choose the first follow up appointment date will be decided at the end of the initial consultation; this follow-up consultation will last about 30-45 minutes. During this time, we will review your goals, test results (if applicable) and if your health optimisation plan needs to be tailored more specifically to your needs.
Food is medicine and food comes first in my approach however, if any supplementation is needed, I will recommend it.
There are two forms of testing that we can use. One is NHS testing which is basic and limited to a specific area of health. However, functional laboratories testing is more comprehensive and considers the whole health profile. These are long established laboratories which are based in the UK or USA, and use cutting edge testing to determine, digestive nutritional deficiencies, gut pathogens, mitochondrial cell damages, your body’s oxidative stress, toxicity level, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances or epigenetic factors.

The functional laboratory tests that I can order are a combination of stool, urine, saliva and sometimes blood. Labs which utilize the first three, test samples can be easily done at home and simply need to be dropped off at UPS or Royal Mail. For labs that require a blood sample there is a centre in Central London which can be attended. For those living outside London other centres are available and I can provide a location on request; all centres make a charge for this service, and it varies from centre to centre.

Note: The costs of these laboratory tests and supplement purchases are not included in package prices.

General Packages