Frequently Asked Questions


You’re not alone in having questions and it’s really normal for people to have questions about a new adventure into the unknown, especially as the approach we will take is into a natural way of improving health and overall wellness. Rest assured that you and I can travel this path together and to help I’ve put some questions and answers in the following list.

To ease the cost there is an option to pay in instalments which spreads the cost of the complete package in either weekly or monthly payments and will require an initial payment in advance of the first consultation. You can of course pay the full amount in advance. Please see my terms and conditions page for details.

No, to address your health concerns and as necessary we will plan and agree together a new diet for you. The food contents of the diet will vary accordingly and may include foods you already eat.
You are always free to decide not to continue a programme but fees will be charged for any consultations carried out and I will require 48 hours’ notice of your decision. You can always contact me to discuss any difficulties you may have with your programme. For full details please see my terms and conditions page- cancellation policy.

There are different programmes available including the basic programme. I believe there is little advantage for you in having just one consultation. The basic package is made up of two consultations which is really the minimum you need to commit too if you want to gain any advantage. For this reason I do not offer just single one off consultations. Please see my services page for more detail on packages.

Yes, I work with clients inside and outside of the UK.

The consultations are carried out online using Zoom.

It is sometimes good for some clients to have tests as they help to discover imbalances in your physiology but you are free to say no should you wish. Whereas we might make a referral to your GP for tests I do use several laboratories for detailed tests and we can discuss this and go through it together should I think tests would be useful. Please note test costs are not included in package costs and are extra.

First, I have a free friendly discovery call were I can talk about what you want to achieve in your journey to better health; it doesn’t commit you to anything. Take time to think over what I talked about and then let me know what you’ve decided.


If you decide to go ahead I will send you a detailed questionnaire and food diary to fill out and return. From ther e we can decide together which package is best for you and put together a programme suited to what you want to achieve and to address any health issues you have.


We will begin to work through the your programme, have an initial consultation and then follow up consultations to review progress and if necessary, decide on further diet and life style changes
There are different packages which I’ve put together and you can find full details of each on my service page.

If you have a question not listed above or would like more information, then contact me at [email protected] and I’ll help any way I can.